Securing Your Assets At Best

Unlike other RFID security gate, we know security gate is located at the front of your library building/room.
So we started with a beautiful see-through transparent acrylic. This care, this consideration extends to how we protect all of the important assets that are carried-out by library users. VisiLibrary RFID Gate is our most refined gate to date. it's the remarkable innovation inside the gate that sets a new precedent. The gate is not only read on book stand position, but also on lay-down book position.

RFID Library

  • RFID 13.56Mhz support
  • Anti book theft detection
  • Multi axis detections
  • Beautiful transparent acrylic
  • Adjustable buzzer
  • Blade dimension: 1663mm x 630mm x 46mm
  • Aisle dimension: 697mm x 120mm
  • Silence operation
  • Operating Voltage: 220V AC
  • LED indicators
  • Weight only 30 Kg
  • Operating temperature -10'C to 55'C
  • Built-in LED Counting Number
  • Built-in pedestal aisle
  • No PC required
  • Easy to setup, no need to drill floor
  • Moveable