Effortless Experience

VisiLibrary RFID Mobile is only 430 gram and capable to do all RFID activities while still maintaning all-day-battery life. With VisiLibrary RFID Mobile you can tag book and card, do checkout and checkin books, activate the book security, scan and search around the entire book shelves. VisiLibrary RFID Mobile is the perfect choice for small library and school that does not have enough space for desktop computer or lack of librarian

RFID Library


  • RFID 13.56Mhz support
  • Ultra light 430 gram mobile device
  • 3.5 inch QVGA touch screen
  • Windows CE 6 OS
  • Stable PXA3XX CPU, efficiency data processing
  • Readable under sunshine
  • Built-in Wifi connection
  • Standby Time 10 days, Working Time 20 Hours
  • Taging, Checkout, Checkin, Activate Security, Scan, Stock Taking
  • IP 65 (water proof). Sustain 1.2 meter drop

All Day Battery Life

We know people rely on our RFID handheld for all-day battery life, regardless of how compact it is. The light Visilibrary RFID mobile handheld lasts up to 20 hours between charges. So from your morning scan till evening, you can work unplugged.

Work Offline Without Server Connection

You can scan book IDs and call numbers, or search them without server connection. This unique capability enable you to work with zero setup and preparation. Grab Visilibrary RFID handheld and start scan, hassle-free.