Simple and Easy-to-Use Selfcheck

Introducing the super easy and intuitive VisiLibrary selfcheck. With a gentle touch you can check-out, check-in and re-new multiple books at once. We created special RFID selfcheck that brings benefit multi time faster than regular barcode printed book. Librarian can let our trusty selfcheck to do entire library's transactions.
VisiLibrary selfcheck is fully automated and self-aware checking all informations needed to allow the transaction in less than a second per book.


  • RFID 13.56Mhz support
  • Wide LCD Capacitive Touch Screen
  • Silence operation, no fan noise
  • Intel™ Processor > 2.7Ghz
  • Windows™ 10 OS In-Built
  • Multiple books process
  • Multiple built-in authentication support (Barcode, PIN, RFID Card, Mifare, Fingerprint)
  • Checkout, re-new and checkin
  • Human voice guidance and notification
  • Disallow unwanted transaction
  • Automaticaly activate/deactivate security book
  • Individual item notification message
  • Thermal Printer
  • Forensic Camera

Latest Hardware and Software

Every Visilibrary Selfcheck is packed with the latest hardware and software that help your library stay up-to-date.
Our product is amazingly compact and quiet, yet it offers latest processors, latest software, minimum cables, fastest printer and ultrafast Wi-Fi.

Library Integration

Unlike other RFID companies, we provide bridge to communicate between existing library application and our RFID product. We worked for dozens library applications from desktop to web-based, from Linux to Windows server and various RDBMS.
We ensure the interoperability between the existing system and RFID experience. Learn More